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Advisory Services

Information Technology Consulting

Our experienced Consultants support our clients’ rethink how they architect, deploy and manage technology. Working together with our clients, we accelerate business performance through technology transformation, enterprise intelligence, enabling technology and technology risk and security.

Management Advisory Services

Our business management advisory services include: Institutional Transformation and Business performance improvement, Strategic and Business Planning, Feasibility Studies, Business Expansion and Start-ups, Business valuations, Human Resources Rationalization, Mergers and acquisitions and organizational development training.

Public Sector Advisory

We help public sector organizations respond to the government’s unprecedented challenge – how to improve public services competitively. We have competencies in Justice Law and Order, Agriculture and Cooperatives, Devolution and Financial Sector.

Credit Unions/ SACCO Transformation

We are devoted to improving the practice of management of credit unions or SACCOs through our Credit Union/SACCO Transformation Program. Our conviction is that Sound and Safe Credit Unions/SACCOs contributes immensely in the Economic and Social empowerment of their members. Read through our Transformation program with SACCOs and our work with SACCOs.

Development Consultancy

Leveraging our management consultancy experience, we engage with various developmental institutions and have offered counsel and advice in various sectors. We have carried out Program Evaluations and Capacity Assessments for institutions and programs in Health, Agriculture Value Chains and Financial Sector (Micro-Finance and Financial Cooperatives). Further, we have carried out detailed research studies in Agriculture Value Chains and have acquired skills and competence in organizing communities along preferred Value Chains to create Common Interest Groups. We have contributed resources in transformation and efficiency programmes in Justices Law and Order, Gender and Equality and Public Financial Management. On Governance and Devolution, working with USAID and Council of Governors we facilitate development of various policies and Laws at the Counties in Agriculture, Cooperatives and Public Finance Sectors.

People Capacity Development and Management

Human capital is the most important resource in an organization. Organizational strategies and initiatives depend mostly on human capital for development and execution. The growth and development of human resources is thus important in advancement of organization’s mission and attainment of purpose and vision. Because human capital possess emotions, unlike other resources, the management of human resources needs to be methodical and the environment in which people operate need be calibrated for results and aligned to organizational moral values and beliefs. Our program on human capital focus on self-knowledge of an individual, development of leadership competencies and performance coaching.