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Transformative Marketing

Marketing is a process of planning and executing strategies related to, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy individuals and organizational objectives. The financial sector has traditionally been made up of brick and mortar banks, credit unions and micro finance institutions. In the recent past we have seen […]
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Is corporate culture worrying you?

Culture is the implicit social order in our organizations. Culture is the ghost, the shadow that shapes organizational attitudes and behaviors. Cultural norms defines what is encouraged, overlooked, ignored, not thought about, shapes when we make decisions and or postpone decision making. Culture is a powerful force and undercurrent that validates many of an organizations […]
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Turning Great Strategy Into Great Performance

Most companies strategies delivers on average 60% to 70% of the promised financial value. This is a true global average based on research, why is this the case? First many executives confuse the need for strategy and the capacity to execute strategy. When things aren’t going right, the temptation is to call for a change […]
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Leading Successful Corporate Transformation

“Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein Our commentary about this famous saying is that we cannot achieve the change desired i.e. breakthrough results, by behaving as we have been. We must change to achieve different results. Our behaviors must be informed by the targeted achievements we have […]
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Do you desire to develop a competitive strategy?

Strategy continues to dominate management realms even though it is not widely understood the it should be. Confusion of strategy with management and operational efficiencies has continued even in recent times especially where the later has yielded positive results. So what is called strategy could easily pass as operational efficiencies. So, what is strategy? Strategy […]
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Do you have updated credit processes and procedures?

In the ever changing retail banking environment mastering the art and science of credit management is paramount to assure growth of Assets, Revenue and eventually profitability. As the banking environment undergoes steep changes, fintech advances, new entrants in banking business and young population, banking institutions must adapt to remain relevant and assure longevity. Majority of […]
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How can I improve the morale of my branch managers

Within Kenya the branch banking environment is extremely competitive and only the best return growth and profitability to their banking institutions. Branch banking is the foundation of banking and anchors business development, growth and profitability of the banking business. At we PKL we put it clearly that business occurs at the branch NOT HQ. In […]
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Are you noticing inability to govern business functions?

Governance is a well discussed subject globally with many institutes dedicated to the discipline. Simply put, Governance refers to the framework that an institution applies to demonstrate internal governance and how it relates with external stakeholders. Our experience with credit unions/SACCOs in Kenya reveal that this discipline is still maturing as SACCOs transition from social-economic […]
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Is your Board Future Proof?

In the concept of future proof board we argue reframing the fiduciary responsibility of the board. That is of a duty of care and value to stakeholders. Every boardroom is undergoing challenges of transition and the question is how can the directors cope to direct effectively in the future. With business disruption, challenges od globalization, […]
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