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How can I improve the morale of my branch managers

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Within Kenya the branch banking environment is extremely competitive and only the best return growth and profitability to their banking institutions. Branch banking is the foundation of banking and anchors business development, growth and profitability of the banking business.

At we PKL we put it clearly that business occurs at the branch NOT HQ. In this regard, it is important to realise that for growth and profitability to be realised then empowerment and investment MUST be directed to the branch.
As a CEO, why did you open that branch and that other one? If motivation for business development, growth and profitability were NOT the main reasons, then you need to recalibrate the motivations and align branch resources and personnel to this mindset. This becomes the rationale for Branch Transformation.

We carry out branch transformation program where we introduce concepts including

  • Branch Plans – Branch Business Development Plans, (Strategies, Balance
    sheets, Profit and Loss Statements)
  • Redefinition of the Branch Role, branch optimal structure oriented to
  • Branch performance defined by metricises such as profitability, risk
    management, growth
  •  Branch Manager role and preferred competencies

Lastly, we conduct scheduled training sessions with branch managers and other staff chosen by the banking institutions to discuss branch management topics which include among others:

  1. Branch planning – strategies and financial plans
  2. Winning attitudes – how to develop winning mindsets
  3. Credit management at branch level
  4. Performance management at branch level
  5. Branch leadership

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