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Management Advisory Services

Corporate/Institutional Transformation Program

PKL’s Corporate Transformation program supports institutions deliver on their mandate in the current competitive and disruptive environment. We support Corporates, Projects and Cooperative Organizations including SACCOs in the six areas including Strategy development and execution, setting organizational Structure right to support growth and efficiency, having the right people in the right places to harness execution capacity, defining and aligning the right culture and climate for action for results, investing in the right infrastructure to support business and defining the desired competencies and cardinal rules to guide business practices.

Governance Program

Directors of today are called upon to be even more knowledgeable about the businesses they oversight and commit discretionary effort and time to gain deeper insights of the enterprise and the its operating environment, if they are to have meaningful impact as Directors. Collectively Corporate Directors are a team and must function as such each retaining his/her independent thinking. Each Director then, must deepen their capability and knowledge to be an effective Director. Collectively the Directors must seek to build value for their employees, Shareholders and the wider stakeholder including the community. We support the Boards and their Committees to be more effective in their oversight and steering roles of defining corporate vision, strategy and Risk through training, mentoring and coaching. PKL’s programs go beyond official duty and supports directors as persons by improving their leadership and entrepreneurial capabilities and competencies. The program covers Directors lifecycle including – recruitment/appointment/being elected and induction as a Director, Serving as a Director, and Exiting Directorship.

Rediscovering Competitive Strategy

Strategy continues to dominate management realms even though it is not widely understood as it should be. Confusion of strategy with management and operational efficiencies has continued even in recent times especially where the later has yielded positive results. PKL’s view is that competitive strategy is about being different, doing things differently or providing unique products and services. These unique products, services, processes and or activities must be choreographed to fit together to bring forth a competitive advantage. This strategic fit of activities and programs drives both competitive advantage and institutional sustainability. We support corporates develop competitive strategies and configure themselves for Strategy Execution.

Leadership Program – Leading Yourself, Others and The Organization

Leading is a demanding job with many responsibilities requiring many competencies and approaches to balance varied interests. While there are many training programs offered through academic Institutions, our training program offers a practical approach to leadership and discusses major issues leaders face while in leading and steering people. We focus on an individual competence and discuss the progression from leading one-self, through leading teams and ultimately leading the organization.