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Leading Successful Corporate Transformation

“Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein

Our commentary about this famous saying is that we cannot achieve the change desired i.e. breakthrough results, by behaving as we have been.

We must change to achieve different results. Our behaviors must be informed by the targeted achievements we have defined for ourselves!

What is transformation?

At PKL, we view transformation as comprising of a wide range of actions and opportunities that are required to drive business growth and achieve breakthrough results.

Elements of Transformation

  1. Aligning purpose, strategy and culture
  2.  Boldly implementing a new strategy for breakthrough results
  3. Repositioning or re-energizing the business and culture of an institution
  4. Taking charge in a rapid, comprehensive, high-engagement manner to

launch the next major phase of an organization Thus, transformation opens up new possibilities for business growth and movement from ideas to breakthrough results.

When To Execute An Institutional Transformation

Not every day organizations can execute a transformation. However, transformation opportunities do knock ready for execution. These include a new leader taking charge, launching a new phase of business growth, breaking down
silos to operate as one institution and boldly launching a major strategic initiative.

Why Execute A Transformation

The rationale for transformation is derived from the objectives and or opportunities that drive the demand for transforming the organization as at the time of committing to a transformation program. These can be classified into two

  • Offensive objectives referring to a deliberate move by the organization to grow and expand its footprint and or products and services
  • Defensive objectives referring to a case where an organization reacts to a crisis, external shocks such as regulatory environment or response to market pressure, poor financial performance, slow or stunted growth.

Our work at PKL has been supporting Credit Unions undertake corporate wide comprehensive transformations. We have supported five SACCO in corporate-wide transformation with great success.

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