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Jobs to be done by sacco

Jobs To Be Done By SACCOs

I trust that your year started well and you are well on your way to implementing your strategy. At PKL Consulting, we wish you well in your journey of performance for FY 23. In this note, we focus on a strategy principle – jobs to be done (JTBD). This theory proposes that a customer has […]
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Strategy Efficacy?

Is there something like Strategy Efficacy? A quick look-up of the word efficacy denotes the ability to produce desired or intended results. But how many strategies fall short or flat of their desired results? I guess your answer may be as good as mine, many. So, what are the reason(s) for this outcome? I’ll attempt […]
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FEATURED IMAGE - Managing Through Epidemics In the Workplace and Marketplace

Managing Through Epidemics In the Workplace and Marketplace

In this bulletin, we share our thoughts about building resilience in our SACCOs and managing through epidemics in the workplace and marketplace. You will receive an adjusted bulletin III about SACCO Generals at Economic War. Again many thanks for your comments. Epidemics have always posed serious threats to employees and customers and always leave devastating […]
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FEATURED IMAGE - SACCO Generals at Economic War

SACCO Generals at Economic War

March is here and days are moving fast, soon we will be reporting Q1 results. I was told when you turn 40 years, days tend to be shorter. I trust we are gathering pace with strategy implementation and the year is getting clearer as we progress. Many thanks for your comments on Bulletin II. I’ll […]
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FEATURED IMAGE - Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast

Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast

February is here and 1/12 months is gone already. I trust that we have gathered pace in implementing our strategies for 2020. In this bulletin, I would like to address Strategy and Culture, two sides of the same coin. They have direct impact on each other and are on the critical path to organizational performance. […]
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FEATURED IMAGE - Happy New Year! 2020

Happy New Year! 2020

Dear Friends, Happy New Year! This year 2020, marks the end of a decade and a beginning of a new one. As a SACCO Champion, I was reflecting about what holds for the financial sector in the next decade and specifically for SACCOs. If the changes of the last 10 years are anything to go […]
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